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Shipping & Returns


Processing and Shipping can take 5-10 business days from the day of ordering (business days are Monday-Friday only, no weekends, and no national holidays) You will be provided a Tracking Number within 24 hours after processing – once your order is shipped. Custom or Customised orders may require additional processing time. Please email sales@aquaconditioners.com for more information

Once a package is shipped and you are issued a tracking number, Tapp Water is not liable for any lost packages.

Please upgrade your shipping preference with signature release to guarantee delivery.



We offer a 15 Days replacement guarantee on the Tapp Ultra.

Any claim for replacement as part of the 15 Days replacement guarantee has to be reported within 15 days of date on invoice.

Returned product must reach our premises within 7 natural days of the claim date. Replacement will be processed within 3 natural days of return.

Non – Acceptable:

We don’t offer replacements on any products except the ones stated above. However, we do offer an exchange in case someone receives a damaged product as your product would be under warranty.

Replacement on same product as ordered, only. In case, the replacement is not in stock, only in these cases, refund will be generated after we receive the package.

Please note – Complaint for a damaged item has to be reported within 24hrs after receiving it, post that, complaints will not be entertained.


All pictures of the items are clicked under professional lighting and hence there can be minor colour variations. Also, as the designs are handcrafted, minor design variations are possible.

We do not accept any returns/refunds/exchanges for the following cases:

-TDS/Hardness not reduced

-Minor colour variation

-Minor design variation